Serial Number 42012


Hello. Thanks for  looking.

My guitar, a 1962 Gretsch White Penguin, serial number 42012 was stolen from Guernsey's warehouse after it's unsuccessful auctioning in the Guernsey's "Forty Years of Rock & Roll" auction in NYC January 19-22, 1995. Guernsey's was an auction house  located at 108 ast 73rd Street, NYC, NY 10021. The auction took place at The Puck Building, Houston and Lafayette Streets, NYC. It was prominently pictured on page 44 of the auction catalog. It's  auction description and picture was on page 150 along with all of it's original hang tags and warranty card. It was refinished but all of the parts were original except the pickguard. In EXCELLENT condition. It was item #G103A in the auction catalog. Click here to see my guitar’s auction listing in Guernsey’s "Forty Years of Rock & Roll".

I've been trying to recover this guitar ever since it was stolen from the auctioneer's warehouse immediately after the auction. My Penguin was later spotted on 48th Street in NYC by one of my friends in one of the music shops there. He told me that "a big biker looking dude was trying to sell it and it was still in the non-original black molded plastic case that I had it in and it still had all of it's tags."

I'd REALLY like to get my guitar back. Any help in arranging it's safe return would be greatly appreciated.

I’m told that even if you bought this guitar innocently or in good faith, it is still a stolen guitar and that if you make no attempt to return it after knowing it is stolen, you can be arrested and charged with receiving stolen property. Since this item was moved over state lines, it is a federal crime. If push did come to shove, I would wholeheartedly have this matter prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law, but all I want is my guitar returned to me without any further problems. The FBI is involved. I do have guitar show people looking for it and I also attend many guitar shows. If I see it, I will take it back, by force, if necessary. I would prefer to resolve this matter in a friendly manner, though.

I can be contacted directly, in Chicago, on (312) 450-7711 or by e-mail.

Thank You in advance for your help and kind consideration.